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Interpreting Makes a Difference

By: Jonathan Downie    Date: November 14, 2019

For the company desperate to break into a new market, interpreting makes a difference.

For the events manager who needs this international conference to blow the buyer away, interpreting makes a difference.

For the tourist far from home, struggling in a hospital with suspected appendicitis, interpreting makes a difference.

For the deaf person with a job interview with a company who has never before employed a deaf person and for the hiring manager who really wants this interview to be the one, interpreting makes a difference.

For the scared witness in a foreign court and the frightened defendant who has difficulty understanding the charges against them, interpreting makes a difference.

For the presenter nervously adjusting their tie before their presentation at the most important international event of their career, interpreting makes a difference.

From road accidents, to high-level diplomacy; from maternity wards to matinee shows, interpreting makes a difference.

It’s time the world heard those stories.

If your company or organisation has benefitted from the difference interpreters make, please include a line in your reports or news updates or website or blog to tell the world that. If it’s appropriate, for instance, if they helped you win a big contract or dazzle buyers at a conference, think about asking them if you can name them publicly.

If you are a leader of a translation or interpreting association, please consider asking your members for their anonymised stories of the difference interpreting and translation has made to their clients and find creative ways to share them.

If you are an interpreter or translator, think of sharing your stories online (there is the #ImadeaDifference hashtag on twitter and Facebook) and, more importantly in person. Go out to meetings where you will be the only interpreter or translator and meet people, learning what matters to them and how translation and interpreting can change their lives for the better.

Interpreting (and translation) make a difference. Let’s commit to helping the whole world know that.

The launch video of the #ImadeaDifference campaign