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If it matters to you, it matters.

By: Jonathan Downie    Date: January 21, 2019

Do you care whether your next handbag is made of animal skin or a plant-based material? Do you care about the sales numbers of your local distillery? Does it matter to you where exactly the zip on your next coat comes from?

To someone, those questions matter. Just like you might care that your clients really love your next product line. Or you might get really anxious that your potential investors really get your pitch and decide to support it financially.

And because those things matter to you, they really should matter to your interpreters too. You need a consultant who takes the success of your next event personally, an interpreting team that will commit to understand what you are doing and why, and contractors who will do more than just show up, do a bit of work and toddle off home.

When it matters to you, you need a team around you who get why it matters and who care enough to deliver. When your next meeting has to work, you need a team who will ask the right questions and involve the right people to ensure it works.

If it matters to you, talk to a consultant who will partner with you to get the results you need.

If your next event is keeping you up at night, drop me an email to build you a team of interpreters you can trust to deliver when it matters most.

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