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This. Is. It.

By: Jonathan Downie    Date: June 9, 2016


It’s the final prep day before the big conference tomorrow. Travel is being organised. Videos of many of the speakers have been found. And the team is gelling.


This is what interpreters train for and live for.


What is strange though is that I have found that I am a better interpreter in real-life than when I am practising. Practise with a talk and I cut my lag, stumble over terms and speak in monotone. Drop me in a live booth and I am there, in the zone, and off-and-running almost instantly.


That is strange but I think I know why it happens.


Interpreting is the art of being there.


Being there in the room. Being there in your mind. Being there watching the reactions on the back of people’s heads. Being there with term sheets blu-tacked to the booth wall. Being there looking up terms for your boothmate on the fly. Being there making split second decisions.


Why do I tend to perform worse when practising? Because I am not there.


Tomorrow, I will be there and it will be very, very good!

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