Integrity Languages


After two years as a columnist for leading industry publications, the ITI Bulletin and VKD Kurier, I published my first book from Routledge on how interpreters can add value to their clients and their profession. This book has now won Best Book (Interpreting) at the Community Choice Awards, 2016.

I am still a columnist for both publications and am always on the lookout for editors who want fresh content on the language industries, research, interpreting, multilingual churches and multilingual events.

2016 Winner: Best book (interpreting)

2016 Best Book

For a sample of my most recent work, you can head over to the blog or contact me for a customised portfolio. If you would like to talk to me about a specific assignment, please go to the contact page.

Please note that, for now, I am not in the position to undertake unpaid assignments of over 500 words.