Integrity Languages

Privacy Policy

Integrity Languages is the trading name of consultant interpreter, writer, researcher and speaker, Dr Jonathan Downie. Integrity Languages exists to deliver expert interpreting and interpreting advice to you for when it matters most: meetings where your future and reputation are at risk, conferences where key clients are in the audience, events that just have to be right.

This commitment means that your personal data will never be sold to, traded with or passed to anyone else, apart from the services named in this policy. This privacy policy exists to explain why and how Integrity Languages collects your personal data, how it is kept secure and what happens to it.

Cookies are great! My personal favourites are white chocolate and raspberry. But there is another kind of cookie. These tiny files are dropped on your computer or other device when you use this website and allow data to be gathered on the pages you visit, how long you spend on each page, where you come from in the world and how you got to this site in the first place.

All that information makes it easier to create a website with the information you need, in the places you need it, in language you understand. While this information is really important to ensure that the Integrity Languages website does exactly what it needs to do, if you want to turn off cookies, you can instruct your internet browser not to allow them. You can find tutorials for all the main browsers here

When you visit the Integrity Languages website, Google Analytics, a third-party service, is used to collate a store standard information on how the site is used, where visitors come from and what pages they visit. All this information is collected in such a way that you cannot be individually identified.

In addition, as a site running on a WordPress install, this website also uses WordPress statistics to track similar data as Google Analytics. However, once again, the data does not allow you to be identified personally. Analytics and statistics can be turned off by disallowing cookies (link to section above).

To deliver some products and services via email campaign, Integrity Languages uses MailChimp, a third-party email manager. MailChimp gathers information such as e-mail open rates and times, click-throughs and delivery success. Unsubscribe links can be found on every email in every campaign. This includes the quarterly Integrity Languages newsletter.

Your email is never sold or traded to other organisations and your details are deleted at the end of time-restricted campaigns such as the Buying Interpreting Step-by-Step course. For more information, please see MailChimp’s privacy notice here

Integrity Languages delivers some products via webinar, using Thinkific. Your credit card and payment data are held securely by Thinkific and is not visible to Dr Jonathan Downie. Personal details that are made visible to Dr Jonathan Downie include your name, email, date of purchase and how far through the course you are.

This information is not shared within anyone else. It may be used for the purposes of sending you personal recommendations for other similar products sold by Integrity Languages (“cross-selling”) and for the purpose of improving course availability and delivery (“research”). These research and cross-selling activities will not be carried out by anyone else by Dr Jonathan Downie.

You are entitled to view, request amendment or deletion of any personal information held about you. To do so, email Dr Jonathan Downie at

This policy was last reviewed on 1st June, 2018 and will be reviewed at least annually.